The Spiritual Aspects of Leadership

The Spiritual Aspects of Leadership

Leadership is Serviceship

The Spiritual Aspects of Leadership is a workshop I designed to identify and explore the intangible attributes of one's leadership that must be identified and focused on in order to emerge as a true leader. The concepts are simple and easy to apply yet bring out the best in those who wish to be and are leaders. The attributes can apply in the workplace as well as in the home. One of my key terms is 'Leadership is Service-ship.' This program was featured at a Western Association for College and University Housing Officers (WACUHO) Conference in Hawaii and won a "Top Ten Award" among all other workshops provided.

Darius G. Riggins — Motivational Speaker

Darius G. Riggins

Dynamic, Entertaining, Memorable - You will ask me back!

Motivational! Electric! Connecting with the people is what I do. I'm interactive and realistic. I'm Engaging and Dynamic. A powerful message will be delivered. Hold on to your seat!

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