Becoming An Influencer

Becoming An Influencer

How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts. - Managers will see their employees respond with new enthusiasm - Parents will connect with their children on a deeper level - Coaches will see their clients blossom - Speakers will reach more people - Salespeople will break records

L. Wayne Smalls — Motivational Speaker

L. Wayne Smalls

Empower, Enable, & Enhance Leaders to Grow

L. Wayne Smalls is the CEO of L. Wayne Smalls Global Leadershp, LLC. - Certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team specializing in leadership training, keynote and motivational speeches, as well as individual and group coaching

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