I Love PBJ! A Five Step Plan For Greater Motivation

I Love PBJ! A Five Step Plan For Greater Motivation

Motivating Your Audience To Be Happier And Creat More Happiness

I LOVE PBJ: FIVE INGREDIENTS TO SUCCESS The “secret to success” is no secret – we already contain all the knowledge we need to have the lives we want! In this fast, funny, inspiring and thought-provoking motivational speech, former stand-up comic and Presidential Award-winning speaker Barry Bradford demonstrate how to take what you already know and turn it into the realization of your dreams. As he says, are all just a few small adjustments away from making our lives work the way we hope they will!. By learning how to utilize the knowledge, experience, personal motivation and power that they already have, companies, groups and individuals become agents for creating positive change. As individuals become creative, engaged, and involved they inspire others to success as well! In this humorous, dynamic, and inspiring presentation audience members learn to improve communication through relationship building strategies while increasing productivity through increased problem solving skills. This nationally acclaimed program will have your participants laughing, interacting, thinking, and motivated to be and do better!

Barry Bradford — Motivational Speaker

Barry Bradford

Each of us has power to make history and to change history.

Barry Bradford is a Presidential Award winning storyteller & an internationally acclaimed crusader for justice. He is a force for change whose record of success includes being named National Teacher Of The Year, bestselling author & standup comic.

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