Creating the High Performance Work Place

Creating the High Performance Work Place

It's Not Complicated to Develop a Culture of Value and Commitment

Has your workplace been slowly infiltrated with zombies – employees who go through the motions day in and day out? When leaders accept average performance, they shouldn’t be surprised with the average results that are achieved. Using a clear and uncomplicated road map, Bob's keynote presentation challenges leaders to get rid of punitive disciplinary procedures, adopt a mindset of high expectations, and shine light on the true value that people bring to their coworkers and the company.

Bob Dusin — Motivational Speaker

Bob Dusin

Create value and a workplace where people want to be.

Bob expands on the lessons we can learn from 45-year run of Saturday Night Live, and how we can apply those savme principles to our workplace. What has made SNL so successful, sustainable, and current is critical to today's leadership.

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