Future of Leadership

Future of Leadership

Leadership Skills for Leading and Succeeding in the Future

What will organizations look like in the future? Most importantly, what kind of people will be leading the future? Our keynote speaker Jag Randhawa will share a profound shift sweeping the business landscape and how it is rewriting the leadership playbook. Jag will explain the skills you need to lead and succeed in the future. How you can become the leader others want to follow. How to mobilize employees toward a common vision? Don’t blink! Your future depends on it. Additional Topic Ideas: 1. Innovator's Mindset 2. How to Transform Your Employees into Innovators 3. Internet of Things - The Next Big Wave of Business Opportunities 4. Culture of Service and Innovation 5. Employee Engagement and Innovation 6. Future of Leadership

Jag Randhawa — Motivational Speaker

Jag Randhawa

Culture of Innovation Expert

Jag inspires the audience with real-life experiences and stories of building high performance teams and creating a culture of innovation. Keynote Topics: Innovation, Employee Engagement,Technology, Leadership, and Creativity.

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