Leading at the Edge

Leading at the Edge

Growing your confidence and decisiveness in uncharted territory and when pushing the edge

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria is a Leading Authority in Edge Performance. She will share the models, concepts and insights that she has learned and evolved from pushing the edge, leading at the edge and coaching leaders to engage decisively in Uncharted and Edge Territory. Linda is in process of completing her new book on Leading at the EDGE for a February 2019 release. Her first book Piloting Your EDGE was released in 2006 on shaping Mindset for navigating uncharted territory. She has evolved concepts over the past 10 years and offered them to the over 1000 leaders she has coached discovering their range of application and value. Her new book will speak to understanding EDGE, building a relationship with the current world environment of disruption and how to strategically strengthen your identity and mindset to maximize your leadership approach, team results and organizational outcomes.

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria — Motivational Speaker

Linda Shaffer-Vanaria

Calibrating you and your business for EDGE

Leading Authority on Edge Performance. Champions leaders and businesses to take ownership of leading themselves to Think Precisely and Act Decisively so they can engage uncharted territory with confidence.

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