Rapid Teamwork

Rapid Teamwork

5 Essential Steps to Transform Any Group into a GREAT Team

Rapid Teamwork You need to build effective and connected teams quickly. Instead of people working in the same role for years, they now work on projects that may last only months. So how do you get those people to "buy-in" and create the engagement and trust that all GREAT teams enjoy? This message energizes your people with an understanding of how they can claim responsibility for team performance by applying the five commitments of high-performing teammates! Leadership is influence, and this message will supercharge morale by teaching how to create a culture of teamwork. Your people will leave with a clear, compelling focus and tools for more effective communication. If you are in a position of leadership and tasked with building cohesiveness and productivity, this talk shares the five part recipe that leaders can use in order to bring people together and transform your group into a great team. THIS IS AN IDEAL PRESENTATION FOR: - Team leaders - Athletic coaches - Project managers - Supervisors - School administrators - Corporate executives - Business owners - Entrepreneurs The problem today is that too many workers feel disconnected and unengaged. Are the people in your organization underachieving? Does it seem like something is… missing? If your people are struggling with low morale or seem to lack motivation, this message is the most important thing your leaders will hear at your next conference! Your organization’s success depends on getting people engaged with a desire to contribute to something greater than themselves, knowing that what they do is meaningful and appreciated. In this engaging keynote, your audience will learn the five ingredients that all GREAT teams have in common, and will take away tools and ideas to apply to their team culture and transform stressed employees into invested owners. Your attendees will gain clarity and purpose, harness the influence of appreciation, and experience the profitable power of team unity! Sean Glaze has taken the same insights that helped him lead his own teams to their most successful seasons and crafted a relevant and actionable message that will equip your leaders to create a more cohesive team. If You Want to Succeed, You Need to Inspire Rapid Teamwork! With captivating stories, powerful content, and high-energy interactions, Sean delivers a program that inspires your people to recognize the impact of their contributions, to build valuable relationships across departmental lines, and to give and receive feedback that gets results — so your team can work together effectively. PROGRAM OUTLINE I. GOALS AND GEAR a. If you don’t know why you’re here, you won’t do much while you’re here b. You can help your people to see the big picture c. Focus on loving the process, and the results will follow II. RAPPORT AND RELATIONSHIPS a. Talent is essential, but never sufficient — you have to add more eggs b. Cross the line - rules without relationships lead to rebellion c. With people, efficient is not always effective III. EXPECTATIONS AND ENCOURAGEMENT a. A high-performance team contributes according to their strengths b. People aren’t afraid of change, they’re afraid of fog c. Reminders and encouragements trump rearview complaints IV. ACCOUNTABILITY AND ADJUSTMENTS a. Effective feedback is how people improve b. All accountability begins with awareness and empathy c. Create a ratio of 5:1 instead of criticism sandwiches V. TOASTS AND TRANSFER a. Be specific with your praise — vague praise inspires vague efforts b. Great leaders don’t wait — share some cake along the way ***ADD A COPY OF SEAN’S BOOK AS A TAKE-AWAY!

Sean Glaze — Motivational Speaker

Sean Glaze

Inspiring Employees to Become Winning Teammates!

Sean delivers engaging teambuilding keynotes that inspire accountability, increase collaboration, and improve teamwork. Energize your audience with memorable stories and powerful insights from the author of The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates.

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