The DNA of Culture

The DNA of Culture

You Don’t Play Brooklyn-rules stickball in NYC

Whether you are trying to inspire your organization to develop a service based culture, establish company values and beliefs or develop a roadmap for the future, Matt Argano Ph.D. welcomes the discussion. You don’t play Brooklyn-rules stickball in Manhattan. Each borough has its own way of picking teams and playing the game. In one neighborhood, the ball is thrown to the batter. In another, the batter must bounce the ball to himself. Matt Argano grew up playing the quintessential New York sport in Brooklyn. Understanding how the rules changed based on the fabric and culture of each neighborhood was as important as the game itself.

Matt Argano, Ph.D. — Motivational Speaker

Matt Argano, Ph.D.

People are not your greatest asset; the right people are

Matt Argano's leadership and influence have been instrumental in transforming organizations and maximizing individual and organizational capability.

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