Leading in Turbulent Times

Leading in Turbulent Times

How leaders and prospective leaders can THRIVE from change in crisis

There is no doubt that most of us find ourselves in unchartered territory right now if in a crisis and its impact on our families, communities, businesses, and world. The unknown can be unnerving and fear-inducing if we let it. It can also be an opportunity for heightened creative thinking, more authentic connection and courageous leadership for business, government and association professionals. This live or virtual presentation focuses on the 5 elements that leaders and prospective leaders must consider to be more effective and sensitive with our teams, our stakeholders and our customers; 1) Re-consider your decision-making skills 2) Accept that there’s ALWAYS more than one right answer to every challenge 3) Be a relationship manager NOT a task manager 4) Collect stories 5) Engage your team at a different level The times, they are a-changing–constantly. Luckily, the rule book for leading in the midst of unpredictable change remains constant. It’s all about how to motivate your team and maintain an enthusiastic focused mindset during this uncertainty. Join Certified Speaking Professional, Jeff Tobe as he presents “Leading in Turbulent Times’ in usual upbeat, high-energy style. Join Jeff to learn: • Three questions to begin a discussion about the “new normal” • The 2 questions you MUST ask your people to get ‘buy in’ to change • How to better engage your INTERNAL and EXTERNAL customer • To understand our ‘touch points’ with our team and how to better the “customer/member” experience • How to get your team motivated to take on the challenge of change

Jeff Tobe, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Jeff Tobe, CSP

Creative thinking when it comes to designing and implementing the ideal customer EXPERIENCE!

Dubbed by Insider Magazine as "the Guru of Creatively Thriving from Change" and chosen one of top 15 speakers by readers of Meetings & Conventions magazine! Author of 3 best selling books. Certified Speaking Professional

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