F.L.Y.   First Lead Yourself

F.L.Y. First Lead Yourself

Ready for your Flight Lesson? The hardest person to lead is... Yourself! When you FLY, Others will follow...

Discover the super secrets to Elizabeth's success in life and business, while overcoming overwhelming obstacles as a helicopter pilot, inspiring your audience to FLY! Your audience will leave knowing how to: * Unlock the key to boosting your confidence * Discover the success principle that raises their productivity and performance * Soar a higher level of leadership while influencing other to "See a Need, Lead"

Black Hawk Pilot Motivational Speaker — Motivational Speaker

Black Hawk Pilot Motivational Speaker

Energizing, Entertaining, Enthusiastic Elizabeth McCormick

Want to create an Experience for your Attendees? Bring Elizabeth McCormick, Motivational Leadership Speaker, and Former US Army Black Hawk Pilot to YOUR NEXT EVENT! WARNING: Your audience will leave Energized, Entertained and Empowered!

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