Mind of a Champion for Students

Mind of a Champion for Students

Positively Changing our World by Unleashing the Leader Within

Students today face a unique set of challenges. With the world that is moving at an accelerated pace with multiple choices before them, life has the potential to become overwhelming. Today, students are looking for how they fit in, how they can express their true empowered selves and how they can create a life that brings them personal success with meaning and happiness. In Mind of a Champion: Positively Changing our World by Unleashing the Leader Within, 8° Black Belt/Master Instructor, Chris Natzke. uses Martial Arts as a metaphor for life. By tapping into his four decades as a martial arts leader and personal success coach, Chris provides an interactive and high energy message that inspires students to discover their unique power within to powerfully impact their lives and communities. This program is specifically designed to inspire, engage and challenge students to embrace their own Inner Champion and share the unique gifts in the world with confidence, power and passion. Mind of a Champion – Seven Qualities of Personal Excellence • Dream B.I.G. - Understanding, embracing and committing to a life vision that is Bold, Integrated in your life and Giving to others are the signs of a true champion in life. • Being your own Champion – We may not be able to control everything in the world, but we are always responsible for how we respond. What are you committed to being in the world? • Your Words Have Power – Realizing the impact and importance of honoring your word, not only to others, but importantly to yourself is one of life’s greatest skills. • Moving Through, Not To – Moving through obstacles with courage, excitement and joy is a sign of any true champion. • We Must Serve Before We Can Lead - Leaders become leaders not by creating followers, but by creating and serving other leaders. • CANI – Constant and never-ending improvement is the mindset fuel for any true champion who learns freedom comes through discipline. • Action, Action, Action – Accessing the power of your heart comes through committing to and taking consistent action to realize your dreams and impact in the world. “I believe his messages one that all students should hear before they graduate and highly recommend him for your next conference.” - Deborah J Coffin, Dean of Students, University of Colorado-Boulder “His material is inspiring, self-motivating and can be life-changing.” - Holland Heslop, Utah State Office of Education “There was not one student who was not actively engaged - you were exemplary in your message to our students.” - Kris Goen, CSU principal Candidate Sterling Colorado High School “A conference favorite! Students said he was the best keynote speaker they had experienced in all their years of attending our state conference.” - Lindsay Andreotti, Executive Director Washington Future Business Leaders of America

Chris Natzke — Motivational Speaker

Chris Natzke

Black Belt Leadership Speaking & Coaching

Energize and inspire your team with the leadership lessons taught by a 8th Degree Black Belt/Master Instructor and former National Champion

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