Champions never loose...champions only learn

Champions never loose...champions only learn

Never Quit

It has been said, "It is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game". Though truth, character and sportsmanship are the underpinnings in the words, the author never looked at the guy with the gold metal and smiled adoringly. In business and in life we fight the good fight to come out on top. Its not an ego thing, it is the desire to know where you stand. A true champion does not look at a 2nd place finish as a loss. When the points are counted and you find yourself with fewer, a true champions considers that training and not defeat. A true champion learns, analyses, focuses direction and outlines a plan that compliments the one, that just for an instant, was not his competition, but his teacher. ​ Being effective is not out of reach. Being effective is learning to hone key principles into life changing attributes. Join us as Joe shares humorous stories where he had the opportunity to be a "student" instead of a competitor. You will laugh, share in some of the experiences, and develop skills to be the teacher and not a competitor.

Joe Barnes, MSc, MBA, LP, CSHO — Motivational Speaker

Joe Barnes, MSc, MBA, LP, CSHO

Don't believe 1 can make a difference, sleep with a mosquito

I teach people to see. In a light, quirky, and memorable session leaders learn that how they model leadership is what they can expect in return. We can not call ourselves leaders unless there are those willing to call themselves followers.

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