Positive Chutzpah

Positive Chutzpah

The new mindset for success

Positive Chutzpah is the secret formula of high-performing companies. Think of it as “steroids” for your firm's sustainable growth. Interactive and inspirational, your team members will remember the Positive Chutzpah event for the rest of their lives. Based on research on the world’s most successful companies, Positive Chutzpah is the new business mindset you need to know about. Positive Chutzpah is what helped Israel become the “Start-up Nation,” and this same mentality is found in successful corporations around the globe. This mindset pairs an ambitious vision with the passion and determination to follow through. It goes much further than merely thinking outside the box. It is the audacity to change the rules of the game. When you no longer fear failure or criticism, you can bring positive results to your life, your business and the global community. Imagine you could hire one of these people or other legendary “game changers” like Elon Musk or Richard Branson to your corporate board. What could you and your company achieve if your executives and workers could consult with them on a daily basis? Now, what if all your executives could upload a mental flash drive with the same unorthodox thinking style and energy of these legends? http://www.positivechutzpah.com/

Gil Peretz — Motivational Speaker

Gil Peretz

Positive Chutzpah is the new mindset for success.

Positive Chutzpah is the new mindset for innovation. It's what helps today’s corporate leaders achieve exceptional success, and explains why some organizations make it big, while others fail.

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