The Seven Principles

The Seven Principles

Mastering the journey through life with this guide to be better in all areas of your life.

Ari connects with the audience and propels them into their past, the present and your future self. What can you do to be a better servant leader? How does your personal life interfere with your work life? Do you have balance in your life? Love? where does leadership come from? What internal signals do you watch and listen to? These questions and more are answered in this journey of self discovery.

Aristides Priakos - Author/Inspirational — Motivational Speaker

Aristides Priakos - Author/Inspirational

Ari's leaves the audience wanting more!!

International Best-Selling author of "I Alone! Mastering Life's Seven Principles." A journey into mindset, leadership, team building, and a study of self and awareness. He's like Tony Robbins on Steroids and gets result on-the-spot! Do not miss him!

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