What is a Miracle?

What is a Miracle?

Creating Your Own Miracles

From birth Nicole always knew she had a body and mind unlimited in power and potential. Come hear the story of how she defied the medical community and broke free of human conceptions of power and will. Follow her journey into the jungles and atop the highest mountain peaks as she searched for the answers and learned what a miracle is, and how it can happen to you.

Nicole Brandon — Motivational Speaker

Nicole Brandon


Hollywood to Hospital; Broadway to Boardroom: Nicole's life became a movie of the week material when a near death experience changed her life. Told her body had been destroyed she used her knowledge of Unlimited Potential and within a year climbed The Great Wall of China and went on to become one of the most renowned fitness experts and motivational speakers in the world today. Her Unlimited Life talks have received accolades worldwide. She is a favorite consultant for Fortune 500 companies sharing her knowledge and wisdom of the mastery of reaching your goals and dreams. A best selling author, award winning dancer, actress, top consultant, expert and motivational/inspirational artist her Keynotes inspire people across the world on how to live, create and master an Unlimited Life.

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