Inspiring Your Mind and Touching Your Soul

Inspiring Your Mind and Touching Your Soul

A journey that will leave you inspired and motivated to maximize your life and help you to reach your potential while improving the world around you!

Imagine a 2-3 day conference and you have a final dinner or lunch... It's the perfect opportunity after a wealth-load of knowledge and information absorbed, to have myself come in and fire your audience up to get out there and produce like you know they can. Through my story of the difficulties and challenges that I have faced over my lifetime, we will dig deep into the emotions and hearts of your audience and let them experience something they will never forget. There were so many road blocks and doubts that were so difficult to press through but as long as we are breathing we have a chance. We will explore what your audience is struggling with in their home lives, their work lives and how we can stop the excuses that are clouding their way to being who they want to be and accomplishing all that they should be. Everyone needs a good old fashion kick in the rear every once in a while and I look forward to being just that for your audience.

Chad Porter — Motivational Speaker

Chad Porter

Overcoming the Obstacles of Life and Maximizing Potential

Nation's most inspirational and motivational speaker & Zig Ziglar Certified. 20yrs experience sharing an extremely powerful story combined with Ziglar's timeless motivational techniques. Nothing like it! Your group will NEVER forget this experience.

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