Creating a Culture of Innovation

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Take the Mystery & Misery out of Developing, Sustaining, and Leading Innovation

At the BTS Insights and Design Lab, we work in the future. For 20 years we have rolled up our sleeves and helped firms around the globe learn how to do innovation and–importantly–how to lead innovation. This fortunate role has afforded me a unique opportunity to experience firsthand how innovative cultures are shaped and sustained, and how they are accidentally stunted. Because of the nature of our work and the diversity of firms with whom we do it, I have also been privileged to see the often surprising ways leaders successfully adjust and stimulate innovation in the rapidly changing, unpredictable world most of us have entered, or will soon enter. In this session on Creating a Culture of Innovation, we will share three things: 1) What we’ve learned (so far) about how to create and sustain an innovative culture 2) What actually works (some essential principles, behaviors, and tools for leading an innovation culture that we know actually work because we’ve seen them work). 3) Moves leaders can make tomorrow (a number of practical steps that the audience can take immediately following the session). The session will take the mystery and misery out of leading innovation and will provide the participants with some tools, insights, and inspiration they can take back to their work and to their teams. The format of the session will be experiential, interactive, and concise, with some customization beforehand in partnership with you to ensure we are honoring the collective experience and level of the audience, emphasizing the part of the messages that would be more insightful for the group, and linking the discussion to the firms business strategy and goals.

Peter Mulford — Motivational Speaker

Peter Mulford

Passionate about learning, teaching, and innovating solutions to difficult problems. Chief Innovation Officer at BTS, currently working with exceptional leaders to bring innovation and strategy to life all around the world.

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