Innovation Leadership Series

Innovation Leadership Series

Do your leaders have the mindsets, toolsets, and skillsets to drive innovation?

Innovation is the key to successful business growth, now and in the future. Do your current and upcoming leaders have the necessary toolset and knowledge to make it happen? Empower them with a data-driven framework and innovation mindset to breakthrough to the next level and beyond. Partnering with your planners and senior executives, John will help you select from these modules to create a series that will deliver the best value to your organization: -Innovation leadership mindsets and why they matter - Cultivating a culture of innovation: the role of the innovation leader - Design thinking overview and activation - Ideation best practices and practice - Innovation antibodies (victim vs. creator) - Innovation culture kryptonite (learner mindset vs. knower mindsets) - Diversity, inclusion and innovation More details available on

John K. Coyle - Innovation Expert — Motivational Speaker

John K. Coyle - Innovation Expert

Engaging stories and practical take-aways

Olympic Silver Medalist, NBC Analyst, Stanford d.School design thinker & innovation expert. John weaves facts, examples and intellectual principles into engaging stories that are both inspiring and immediately practical.

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