Design Thinking for Business Creativity

Design Thinking for Business Creativity

When Creativity Moves from Action to Habit

How does your team currently approach challenges and opportunities which arise in the workplace and industry? Is there a common posture which they take together, cultivating creative responses? Design Thinking is used by leading businesses to address the unmet needs of their clients/customers. Matt leads business teams through the process which begins at excavating the unmet needs and culminates at the place where a viable and desireable good or service has been created. This program has been formatted as a seminar/workshop.

Matt Dierdorff — Motivational Speaker

Matt Dierdorff

Shaping Leaders Through Compelling Story & Sustained Change

Communication which creates Change is the only kind worth paying for. Matt Dierdorff is a communicator who speaks in order to shape those participating. From the seminar room to the main stage he works diligently to spark epiphanies in leaders.

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