Stories of Ingenious American Inventors

Stories of Ingenious American Inventors

From the Can Opener to Blue Jeans

Who invented the dishwasher, the windshield wiper, the refrigerator, or blue jeans? (Blue jeans were not invented by Levi Strauss.) And how did these people come up with these solutions to common problems? In this talk, Kate Kelly tells the stories behind the inventors of everyday things. Audiences meet men and women inventors, black and white, and in the process, listeners gain a sense of how creative people came up with better ways to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Kelly knows the stories behind the first bra, the disposable diaper, and the Mae West life preserver (vital in World War II). Included in her talk are a few humorous “first steps” like the drunk-o-meter that preceded the breathalyzer police use today to identify drunk drivers. Audiences will be educated, entertained, and enlightened by Kate’s engaging talk. And they will leave feeling inspired by the stories behind how some of life’s simplest devices have been invented.

Kate Kelly — Motivational Speaker

Kate Kelly

Compelling American stories to engage, entertain, & inspire

Learn secrets of American success through inspiring and lively stories. Kate motivates audiences to reach higher in their lives by demonstrating that others before us have achieved greatness or overcome obstacles by doing so one step at a time.

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