Seeing With New Eyes

Seeing With New Eyes

practicing innovation in times of change

This keynote is a fun and thought-provoking look at creativity and innovation. It offers compelling examples of how disrupting the status quo leads to small improvements that have huge impact on a brand, business, and approach. One of the biggest challenges all leaders, teams, and organizations face is being able to see their work with new eyes. In the fast-paced, do more with less, “create on demand” world we live in today, it sometimes seems easiest to do things the same way we did them yesterday. In reality, when we cling too tightly to the status quo, we squelch new ideas, possibilities, and solutions. Seeing with new eyes is a practice that infuses participants with creativity and empowers them to dwell in possibility. This interactive keynote challenges people to think differently and discover how new ways of thinking can propel their work forward. Thinking creatively is a skill meant to be practiced. This experience will not only deliver laughs and memorable stories, but tangible resources for every leader to take with them on their creative journey.

Jason Barger — Motivational Speaker

Jason Barger

Engaging Minds and Hearts

In a highly distracted world, the best leaders and teams are focused on developing leaders, culture, and clarity of mission & vision. Are you Busy or Effective? 21st Century Leaders commit to seeing with new eyes and leading Thermostat Cultures!

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