Innovator's Mindset

Innovator's Mindset

7 Skills of Highly Effective Innovators

Innovation thinking is a lifestyle. It is a skill. Above all, it is a skill that can be learned. Ideas are always around us, but we are often not in a state recognize them. Innovation requires certain mindset to connect the dots and generate ideas. Just like mastering any other skill, innovative thinking requires building and practicing some basic habits and way of thinking. Learn the habits of some of the greatest innovators, from Leonardo Da Vinci to David Kelly, to awaken the innovator inside you. Whether you are trying to come up with next breakthrough idea, solve everyday problems, land a promotion or live a more fulfilling life, Innovation Thinking will help you see opportunities and solutions in every aspect of life. Additional Topic Ideas: 1. Future of Leadership 2. The Bright Idea Box 3. Internet of Things – The Next Big Wave of Business Opportunities 4. Culture of Service and Innovation 5. Employee Engagement and Innovation 6. Four Leadership Secrets to Bring out the Best in Others

Jag Randhawa — Motivational Speaker

Jag Randhawa

Culture of Innovation Expert

Jag inspires the audience with real-life experiences and stories of building high performance teams and creating a culture of innovation. Keynote Topics: Innovation, Employee Engagement,Technology, Leadership, and Creativity.

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