You only have 5 seconds to make a great impression!

You only have 5 seconds to make a great impression!

Give your life a makeover!

“You have only 5 seconds to make a great impression” - Patrice Bisiot. Image is your first impact, setup of your mindset and creating your future. Companies spend millions of dollars each year on their corporate image — but who is minding the “image” portrayed by the leaders of the company? Is there congruity between the corporate brand and the impression left by the executives? Beyond representation of external form and vanity, you create awareness igniting a chain reaction between the public and your team. Projecting power with initial presence is the subliminal message to lasting success, key component to your personal and professional wealth. Style is your authority. Style is your vessel to communication, team integration and employees retention. Beyond a perfect suit or a designer dress, what else is mandatory? Posture to convey leadership, voice pitch to ensure interest or etiquette for social decorum. It will further your image and establish credibility within your company, elevate respect from your colleagues, accrue productivity from your employees, attention from your vendors and consumers, trust from press and media. Brand is your bottom line. Branding is your message beyond a logo and a slogan. It is the result of your communication skills, the cohesion of your team, the level of success you are responsible for. You become the brand through your personal and professional actions, you sustain the brand by your representation and you make your brand an ongoing profit generating with clarity on 3 points. Image + Style + Brand = Solution for maximum profit What will you gain? Clients will acknowledge that there are no excuses for bad appearance and that the consequences are serious and wide-ranging both for them and for the organizations they work for. Clients will understand that it’s all about the industry, their career level, the audience, the corporate culture, and the occasion period. Clients will reflect on their own visual appearance, explore why people may perceive them as they do and understand why it’s crucial to make a positive first (and lasting) impression. Clients will better understand the impact their visual appearance and first impression have on others’ decision making processes (e.g., during sales meetings, presentations, negotiations, and promotion discussions.) Clients will understand that it is less about their age, gender, weight, or height. It’s all about accentuating the positive, practicing to increase their self-esteem and confidence. Clients will understand that looking good is great but not sufficient. They will explore other factors relevant to their professional imprint - body language, business etiquette skills, voice and communication, both offline and online. One on one coaching, training for sales and marketing teams is available upon request.. New York | Paris | Beverly Hills | Miami

Patrice BISIOT — Motivational Speaker

Patrice BISIOT

You only get one chance to make the right first mpression.

Image is you gateway to trust from the world. Appearance is the alignment of your emotions, leadership and self worth. It impacts your professional and personal growth. My step by step process defines your goals and create your success, your legacy.

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