Toddlers Have It — Do You?

Toddlers Have It — Do You?

The Three Keys to Stir Up Passion and Energy for Life

One of the first attributes you think about when you think of a toddler- BOUNDLESS ENERGY. When I was raising my own toddlers, I noticed that as I watched them run around and play - I grew more and more tired. Would you like to know the SECRET to this boundless energy? No, it’s not an energy-stealing device that’s hidden away in their diapers. (Although, to be honest, I used to if it was.) Through improv* and fun exercises, we will experience the three key characteristics you can mimic to help you act like a toddler and stir up passion and energy for Life. Your audience will have fun at the event and be able to use these keys daily to increase their energy and productivity. This program is perfect for the organizer who wants an entertaining event that will have your guests laughing and thanking you for years. * includes "Whose Line is It Anyway?"-type games/skits as well as some individual activities to engage the more reserved.

~~ Best Selling Author Patti Thor ~~   A Radical Giver — Motivational Speaker

~~ Best Selling Author Patti Thor ~~ A Radical Giver

Success and Leadership Through Giving

"It's not that successful people are givers; it is that givers are successful people." ~ Patti Thor

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