Standup Comedy

Standup Comedy

A Cleaner Version of Today's Topics and Unique Experiences

Robert "Bobby" Goldsmith has proven to be a hilarious stand-up comedian capable of getting & keeping audiences engaged and laughing. Bobby has performed on many of today's popular venues including The Improv, Hyena's, Backdoor Comedy in addition to producing his own shows as well. Having a sharp perception and being a clever comic makes Robert an excellent form of entertainment for any event. His treasure trove of highly original material and his unique creativity is guaranteed to be fantastically funny. You’ll find Bobby’s humor is never tacky or brainy, and his personality is friendly with a charm that is both down-to-earth and inviting. Your audience will thoroughly enjoy his witty insights on just about everything including relationships, popular trends, and current events.

Robert — Motivational Speaker


Education + Energy & Inspiration x Standup = TheEntertrainer

I help inspire others to leap past self-imposed limitations (unwittingly) & achieve the results they are entitled to. I engage them uniquely with both their own & my own life experiences. 3x Author, Educator, Leader, Sales/Life Coach & Financial Pro.

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