Maximize Your HR Leadership Effectiveness

Maximize Your HR Leadership Effectiveness

Ensure Results In Your HR Team Through Effective 21st Leadership

The 21st Century workforce presents a unique set of challenges to HR managers and leaders. You’re called upon to lead multiple generations of people with diverse backgrounds, values, work ethics, and perspectives when it comes to how they do their job. Statistically, over 70% of your workforce may be burned out, disengaged and doubtful of their own ability to contribute in a way that matters. As a leader in HR, you need to be able to address these challenges, remove obstacles, and initiate changes that improve the employee experience, increase engagement, and optimize your workforce. At the same, you need to convince executives that your initiatives have the power to not only increase employee engagement but increase customer satisfaction and net profits as well. As an effective HR leader, how do you acquire the vision, strategies, and skills to meet these challenges? What communication skills do you need to gain buy-in, convince executives, and inspire people to take action? And how can you, as a result, be guaranteed an empowered career in strategic HR? In Margaret (Magi) Graziano’s highly experiential talk, Maximize Your HR Leadership Effectiveness, you’ll quickly acquire the insight, skills, and strategies needed to: • Create a crystalized vision of how to have an empowered career in strategic HR. • Identify and remove obstacles within your organization and introduce initiatives that increase employee productivity and profit. • Develop communication skills that gain buy-in, inspire people to take positive action, and make executives pay attention. • Determine which priorities will give you the greatest return on your investment of time and energy. • Know the difference between culture and climate... and how each impacts the employee experience and your authority as a leader. This talk is for HR managers, leaders, and practitioners who are compelled to up their game, make a big difference, and have an exceptional career in strategic HR.

Margaret Graziano — Motivational Speaker

Margaret Graziano

Silicon Valley's Top 100 Influential Women in Business!

Margaret empowers business leaders to reshape their company’s culture—sparking increased employee performance by up to 35% and revenue growth of up to 200%.

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