Choosing Between Work and Caring for Elderly Parents

Choosing Between Work and Caring for Elderly Parents

Caregiving and Elder Care Programs: The Missing Link in Employee Wellness Programs

The workplace is experiencing a growing awareness of employee caregiving responsibilities. Working caregivers have a significant negative effect on workplace productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover. Thirty percent of working caregivers leave the workplace to care for elderly parents. Increasing awareness of caregiving responsibilities and offering caregiving programs in the workplace increases participation in employee health and wellness programs and supports working caregivers. To learn more visit these links:

Pamela D. Wilson — Motivational Speaker

Pamela D. Wilson

Becoming a Caregiver is an Unexpected Life Journey

Caregiving expert and educator with 20+ years experience. Keynote and education sessions on site and virtual for corporations and organizations seeking proven and practical tips for working and family caregivers.

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