The Secret to Conception

The Secret to Conception

Identifying and Resolving Hidden Factors in Fertility

After a decade yearning for a child of my own, and investing over $100,000 in infertility tests and treatments, I was told that I would never achieve a healthy pregnancy. Nearly thirty years later, I have spent two decades providing treatment for couples with fertility challenges, have co-authored two books on the subject, and have five beautiful children. What medical professionals don't know CAN hurt you. There is so much beyond traditional fertility measures that can vastly improve your ability to conceive and to achieve healthy pregnancy- my story, and how it informed the treatment I provide, generates hope and insight for those on this challenging journey. Despite the fact that I had an MA and a PhD from Northwestern University, and had trained for five years as a Medical Intuitive, I journeyed to Harvard Medical Center in 2004 to certify in Mind/Body Medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Herb Benson. Utilizing all that I had learned and practiced, I developed strategies designed to help couples with fertility challenges to resolve emotional, psychological and energetic factors functionally prohibiting conception. Before I turned my attention to the factors beyond the physical realm, I could gain no ground with my own fertility. When I finally began to address and resolve early trauma, interpersonal conflict, and my connection to what had previously been fearsome, I spontaneously conceived and delivered five healthy children. Some couples are eager to engage in the process and others resist. My superpower is to both share my rich and poignant story and to lead participants through some simple techniques designed to call their attention to some of the factors that can inhibit conception and to nudge them gently into the resolution of those impediments.

Dr. Sage Breslin — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Sage Breslin

The magical gift of breakthrough and transformation

I had to die eight times to discover what life really had in store for me. As a Best-Selling Author & Transformation Coach I share my unique gifts, inspiration and passion to promote the breakthroughs required to embrace the best version of ourselves

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