With Kind Words

With Kind Words

Enhance and improve medical treatment with compassionate communication

Words matter. As the needs of the medical community continue to grow it is tougher than ever to address the sensitivity of the doctor/patient/caregiver relationship. When healthcare providers need to put a patient action plan in place, it is important for everyone to do their part to ensure the best possible outcome. This means considering the emotional readiness of every member of the team from the health professional to the caregivers to the patient. I incorporate humor and personal experiences as the mother of a child with special needs to lead my audience on an intellectual and emotional journey. I help an audience recognize how they can incorporate compassionate communication and inspire them to do it well.

Patti Vasquez — Motivational Speaker

Patti Vasquez

Compassioante communication benefits everyone

I bring humor, high energy, and personal stories as the mother of a child with special needs to seminars, workshops, consulting and one on one coaching for health care providers. The goal is to encourage treating patients with conscious awareness.

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