How To Live Well & Happy w/Diabetes or ANY Chronic Disease!

How To Live Well & Happy w/Diabetes or ANY Chronic Disease!

Bridging the gap between what we know to do and what we actually do!

Magical Maggie BECAME Magical through her journey from "Yuppie of the Year" to "I have to give myself injections everyday to stay alive?!?" to "This is the BEST thing that could've EVER happen to me!" Mary Tyler Moore was so inspired by Maggie's story that she selected Magical Maggie to open for her "Woman of the Year Award!" extravaganza in New York's famed Waldorf Astoria! The GREAT MTM accomplished EVERYTHING she ever wanted IN SPITE OF type 1 diabetes. Magical Maggie shows audiences how to invert their "chronic condition" from their "disease" through stories told in song and laughter to become the best YOU ever! Attendees learn to: 1) Stop disease in its tracks! (delay or prevent) 2) Control the hallmark of disease: crazy blood sugar reactions, 3) Pump up their energy and stamina, 4) Stay healthy & recognize the symptoms, 5) Loose weight with just a few easy changes, 6) Avoid scary long term chronic disease complications ...while laughing, being moved and totally entertained!

Maggie Hunts — Motivational Speaker

Maggie Hunts

Musical Motivation & Merriment!

When the occasion calls for lightening-up your attendees so good information can get in and the right actions be taken -- Magical Maggie is THE authority!

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