Teeth Can Save Lives

Teeth Can Save Lives

How Dentists Could Contribute to a Healthier World

Do you know what canaries and teeth have in common? You can find out in this TED Talk style presentation by Dr Marielle Pariseau, dentist and award winning speaker. In her entertaining talk, Marielle will explain how: 1- If we shift our perception of teeth, we can save lives. 2- Focusing on how well aligned or how blindingly white teeth should be shortchanges our health care system 3- Debate over the materials, color and cost of fillings need to be replaced with mouth-body connection dialogue 4- Tooth decay in a child's mouth should immediately raise red flags 5- Dentists can become leaders in Health ...and much more Relevant Credentials: Degree: Doctorate in Dental Medicine with honors, University of Montreal, Canada, Certificates: Advanced Dental Education, Pankey Institute, USA; Smoking Cessation & Integrated Chronic Diseases Prevention, University of Toronto, Canada; Caries Management by Risk Assessment, University of California, San Francisco; Social Entrepreneurship, Universities of Pennsylvania. Semi-Finalist in the Global Health and Innovation Conference Prize, Yale University, April 2016 Lectures / Workshops on Leadership and on Caries Management since 2006. Author of articles in peer reviewed Journals For availability or Speaking fees, contact Marielle's office at 435-503-7819 or click "check availability" to send a message through Speaker Match.

Dr Marielle Pariseau — Motivational Speaker

Dr Marielle Pariseau

Your Health Begins With Your Teeth

Inspiring dentist and entrepreneur, change leader and award winning speaker, Marielle will show you how paying more attention to teeth can save lives. 2016 Global Health & Innovation Prize semi-finalist. TEDx Talk Salt Lake City 2018.

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