Healthy Now, Happy Now

Healthy Now, Happy Now

Steps to Improving Your Body,Mind & Soul

As a pharmacist and life coach, Dr.Lorneka knows first hand that lifestyle modifications, discipline, medication therapy management,exercise and coaching improves the lives of many. Dr.Lorneka challenges her audience to make bold steps by evaluating their current situation and acknowledging that they deserve to be happy, healthy and whole. She implements the "Teach-Back-Method" which allows her audience to not only listen to her various strategies on lifestyle modifications but she gives them a chance to explain what they've learned for results. When the body is not well, it affects your relationships, finances, family life, social life, decisions, spirituality and more. The audience will walk away with tips on how to live healthy now and be happy now!

Dr. Lorneka Joseph — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Lorneka Joseph

Coaching. Speaking. Inspiring.

Dr. Lorneka is a speaker, life + wellness coach, hall of fame inductee and pharmacist who helps others create holistic success via stress management and emotional intelligence personally and professionally.

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