It's NOT Impossible!

It's NOT Impossible!

How to live healthy in this Super-Fast Paced World

Audiences learn how-to: Drop pounds and boost your stamina, Create a healthy work & home that supports you Take care of YOU so you can take care of others, Enjoy exercise & healthy delicious foods; this will surprise even skeptics!, Beat the cravings of the 4 REAL food groups; sugar, fat, salt & chemicals, Have fun while creating a more balanced & happy life ... while laughing and being totally entertained! In this hectic world, we may ant to be healthy, but we're not. In the US, the obesity epidemic is the #1 cause of loss of productivity and escalating health care costs. Know that doesn't change anything. Maggie does. Maggie Hunts is an award winning standup comic and singer. She blends key medical data with Broadway & Jazz parodies, helping her audiences release guilt and take the actions necessary to reduce the gap between what we know to do to be healthy and what actually happens.

Maggie Hunts — Motivational Speaker

Maggie Hunts

Musical Motivation & Merriment!

When the occasion calls for lightening-up your attendees so good information can get in and the right actions be taken -- Magical Maggie is THE authority!

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