The 11 Principles of Transformation

The 11 Principles of Transformation

Transform Your Loss-Transform Your Life

The times we are living now cannot be more challenging. We are experiencing losses at all levels that can affect our mental and emotional state; diminish our productivity, motivation and hope for the future. After this pandemic of the Covid19 the world we knew has changed and this may represent many losses. I want to present you a helpful program that helps people transform their lives after a loss. This is the 11 Principles of Transformation system which was created by Ligia M. Houben and was introduced in her self-help book, "Transform Your Loss. Your Guide to Strength and Hope." Life after any type of loss is emotionally taxing, especially if you are unsure about how to pick up the pieces. We may find ourselves in a dark place unable to let go of the pain. We may feel paralyzed and wonder how to regain hope for the future… What if you could find a way to start healing from the inside out and embrace hope again? You truly can. The system, The 11 Principles of Transformation was designed to heal and comfort your broken heart.These principles can be applied to different losses such as the loss of a loved one, loss of health, loss of a job, divorce, loss of a pet, or even the transitions of retirement or care giving. The 11 Principles of Transformation®, have been presented as a seminar in 100+ cities nationwide for mental health professionals. Now, it is presented as an online program. Join us and give yourself the opportunity to connect with that side of you who longs to feel better.

Ligia Houben, MA, FT, CGC, CPC — Motivational Speaker

Ligia Houben, MA, FT, CGC, CPC

Heal Your Past. Change Your Present. Transform Your Future.

Ligia M. Houben is a leader in grief and loss transformation. She is an inspiring and empowering speaker and the creator of The 11 Principles of Transformation, a system that helps people transform major life transitions.

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