Branding Your Business as Green, Reaching the Eco-Conscious

Branding Your Business as Green, Reaching the Eco-Conscious

How Sustainability Marketing Drives the Bottom Line and How to Do It

81% of global consumers seek out responsible products whenever possible. 91% of them expect companies to act responsibly. 52% of consumers do not believe companies are acting responsibly, unless they hear about it. It’s also often now in the criteria for winning B2B RFPs. As you can see, consumers and B2B leaders prefer buying from companies that demonstrate environmental stewardship. Therefore, it's crucial to include sustainability prominently in your marketing and communications. In this interactive, engaging and dynamic presentation, I’ll show your audience how to maximize this market opportunity and help their bottom lines, such as: * how to tap into this valuable eco-conscious market – consumer &/or B2B * how to speak to the eco-conscious, * how to grow a "green" brand. * how to leverage green issues to earn media, social media In addition to a strong dose of wit and humor, I include anecdotes from my experience leading marketing communications initiatives with Fortune 500 companies and small/medium sized businesses. I also use examples from the high-performing sustainability leaders I interview for my podcast-radio show, Green Connections, which was recently chosen by USA Today at one of the top six podcasts for business travelers ( That's why my presentations are consistently rated "most valuable" in conference and event feedback. Tell me the sweet spot for your audience and I’ll customize a program for them. Let’s do this!

Joan Michelson — Motivational Speaker

Joan Michelson

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