Motivation, Action, and Perseverance: A RoadMAP to Create Your Personal and Professional Legacy

Motivation, Action, and Perseverance: A RoadMAP to Create Your Personal and Professional Legacy

A RoadMAP to Create Your Personal and Professional Legacy

​Is your audience needing a chance to further explore what motivates them? Could they benefit from an engaging, interactive, entertaining presentation about why being resilient and inspired can benefit them as individuals and also benefit the team around them? Daphne has facilitated this program for many years and has facilitated it both virtually and in-person with various groups across the country. She received a standing ovation at one of her most recent presentations of this speech because audience members were moved, empowered, and inspired by it! FORMAT: ​5-minute speech/ 30-60 minute keynote/ 60-minute breakout/Master of ceremonies or moderator highlight *Time can be adjusted THIS PROGRAM IS PERFECT FOR: Staff or leadership retreat Team meeting Association members needing to feel more inspired and motivated Senior management desiring to increase motivation Senior management or teams struggling with inspiration ​Teams struggling with forward momentum Teams needing to increase their connection to one another AUDIENCE TAKEAWAYS INCLUDE: ✓ Participate in powerful exercises to identify your greatest motivations towards excellence at work ✓ Identify what are the most critical action steps you must take in your role on a daily and weekly basis to progress towards your professional and company goals after gaining clarity on your long-term vision ✓ Gain practical insights on how to persevere past personal and professional challenges for consistent high-quality results both personally and professionally TESTIMONIAL: Daphne is a DYNAMIC, engaged, and thorough speaker! I recommend Daphne's services wholeheartedly, and look forward to participating in future training sessions! Nenelwa T., Fulbright Scholar at University of Mpumalanga

Coach Daphne Valcin — Motivational Speaker

Coach Daphne Valcin

National Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

Daphne went from experiencing immense struggle in her youth to speaking at her college graduation, going on to graduate from an Ivy League and create a successful business! She has engaged, inspired, and enlightened audiences as large as 6,000!

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