Multigenerational Management

Multigenerational Management

The Ins and Outs of Managing 4 Generations in the Workplace

Modern day workplace has four generations working under one roof. Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, Millennials and soon Generation Z all work together to accomplish common organizational goals. But with differences in each of these generation’s viewpoints, upbringings, culture, ideas, beliefs and experiences, it is likely to see some tiffs or clashes within the organization. This makes managing four different generations in the workplace an extremely difficult task to accomplish, though not impossible. With right guidance, support and advice, the task of managing these four generations under one roof is achievable. That support may come in various forms, one of which is this program. In this program about managing four different generations in the workplace, best-selling author Jeff Butler, backed by a decade of psychological research, shares insights about motivations, differences, and communication styles of these four generations. You will learn how organizations across various industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce. And how yours can too. Through this program you’ll find specific actionable strategies to manage your cross-generational challenges and turn your multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage. Learning Points Discover potential points of generational conflict and tactics to handle them Learn how to strengthen cross-generational communication Obtain specific strategies to leverage multi generational opportunities

Jeff Butler | TEDx International Speaker — Motivational Speaker

Jeff Butler | TEDx International Speaker

Generation Speaker | Author | International Consultant

Jeff is an effective communicator who adeptly bridges the gaps between generations. Having worked with companies all over the world, he brings a new perspective in solving and understanding different generations in the workplace.

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