Women in STEM - break the barriers, bring out the best!

Women in STEM - break the barriers, bring out the best!

Wxplore why Women are not well represented in the STEM fields, and learn how to change that.

Help the women in your life succeed! Study after study have shown that girls and women are just as capable as men are when in comes to the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics). Further, women have been shown to add capabilities that men alone cannot. And yet, study after study have shown that women are face challenges that men do not, and that as men advance in their careers there are fewer and fewer women beside them. Join Dr. Wallace and explore the history of women in STEM, the biases - both overt and implicit - that women face, and the current status of women in the STEM workforce. But Dr. Wallace goes beyond the negativity and shows what both men and women are doing to bring change. How social media is helping change attitudes, how new technologies are bringing girls and women together, and how policies are programs are being put in place to remove the barriers that have kept women from reaching their potential. Use this information to support the girls and women in your group or organization in achieving their potential to the benefit of us all.

Dr. Brad Wallace — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Brad Wallace

Bringing science and technology to life

A working scientist who enthusiastically brings science to life, advocates for women in STEM, and who can motivate and inspire you and your organization!

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