Future Trends in Technology

Future Trends in Technology

The Futures Research of the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study

For more than 30 years the Pacific Institute for Advanced Study (PIAS) has been conducting research on the leading technological trends that are shaping our world. Some of the fields of research include climate change, applications of 3D printing in construction & medicine, block-chain and crypto-currencies, alternate energy technologies and numerous other areas. The director of the Institute is Dr. Paul Tinari, a professional researcher and a futurist who lectures extensively around the world on future trends in technology.

Dr. Future — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Future

Dr. Future inspires, challenges, motivates & gets results

Dr. Future is a published author and proven creative thinker who captivates, fascinates, motivates, inspires, challenges traditional modes of thought, and generates positive results from even the most discerning audiences.

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