Adventures in Autism

Adventures in Autism

Finding happiness in the dark world of Autism

Capture the human spirit and raise awareness through this informative and captivating seminar on Autism. Acclaimed author,former leader of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, and father of an autistic son takes you through fascinating stories of inspiration, acceptance and happiness. From water surfing to snowboarding, audience members will marvel at the fascinating world that awaits once the puzzle is unraveled. His presence will entertain you but the stories will steal your heart.

Peter LaPorta — Motivational Speaker

Peter LaPorta

Former Disney/Universal Studios Leader has key to Excellence

WHO HIRED THESE PEOPLE?- The guru of guest service will open your eyes to the world of guest service. Former leader of Walt Disney World and Universal Studios knows how to entertain with stories of excellence in leadership, motivation and service. LaPorta delivers on the hottest topics on the circuit today! No other speaker has this type of experience leading the top companies in entertainment.

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