5 Secrets for Healthy Aging

5 Secrets for Healthy Aging

Stay Young with Physical Activity & Nutrition

Many chronic diseases associated with advancing years are not the natural process of aging. Lifestyle choices are vital in maintaining the functional health needed to stay independent as long as possible. Participant take-aways: 1) Why you have more control over the aging process than you think! 2) Five simple decisions to turn back the hands of time, 3) Which eating habits can turn away--or invite--chronic disease, 4) How physical activity supports a healthy brain.

Lisa Teresi Harris — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Teresi Harris

Optimizing 50+ Fitness through Nutrition and Exercise

A Registered Dietitian and personal trainer, Lisa's message is that we all have the power to add quality years to our lives. She delivers practical lifestyle strategies--eating and physical activity tips--ideas her audiences can use immediately.

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