Every Choice Has a Consequence

Every Choice Has a Consequence

Why People Stray Off the Straight & Narrow and How to Get Them Back on Track

In this powerful presentation, Chuck delivers an unforgettable message based on his own unethical decisions and the consequences that followed. Your audience will not only come to realize the impact of the choices they make, but also gain an understanding of how to use ethics and integrity to create success on a personal and professional level. Each choice we make and each step we take provides the foundation for our future. Wherever you are right now – regardless of the circumstance – your choices define who you are and the outcomes you will live. While your employees may be aware of this on some level, do they truly realize the power behind the choices they make on a daily basis? More importantly, what’s the risk to your company if they don’t? In his unusually authentic style, Chuck reveals the consequences of the unethical decisions he made in his own attempt to build the great American dream for himself and his family. This powerful ethics presentation is filled with unforgettable messages of success and failure, illusions and reality, and choices and consequences. Your audience will discover: How easy it is for ethical people to make unethical choices–and what to do about it. The impact of life’s choices and how that affects your performance, both personally and professionally. Real-world practical examples of how to use ethics and integrity to create success in business and life. This motivational keynote ethics presentation has received rave reviews and was voted Program of the Year by NACE.

Chuck Gallagher — Motivational Speaker

Chuck Gallagher

Second Chances - Motivation, Ethics & Sales Expert

From CBS to NPR to CNN - International Ethics Speaker and Author, Chuck Gallagher shares insights on Ethics! Far from boring, Gallagher deals with the "Why" ethics fail and "How" to prevent ethics lapses!

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