How to Earn the Trust and Confidence of Others

(available as an onsite seminar or online webinar) Credibility is about earning the trust and confidence of others. People with credibility are able to influence others, unify groups, and instill confidence even in the midst of uncertainty. Those without credibility simply cannot. If you want others to recognize you as a person of character, a trusted advisor, and an admirable leader - credibility is your path to victory. Through self-assessments, meaningful discussions, group activities, and other real-world applications, this program prepares you to apply specific principles to gain and sustain the credibility you need to succeed. Want to earn the trust and confidence of others? Book this program. Learning Objectives: * Identify qualities people admire in leaders they choose to follow * Explain how conviction, commitment, and action affect credibility * List principles proven to help leaders gain and sustain credibility * Create an action plan to immediately implement credibility principles Competencies: * Valuing Others & Affirming Shared Values * Leading with Character & Conviction

Don Levonius, M.A. — Motivational Speaker

Don Levonius, M.A.

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