Business Success in the 21st Century

For over 20 years, Jonathan has been advising, consulting and providing clients legal and business advice about how to succeed in the corporate world. Whether its building, growing, buying, selling, raising capital, borrowing or other critical juncture in a entrepreneur's business cycle, Jonathan shares his vast skills, knowledge and unique approaches to success. Aim, Point & Shoot - Effective planning, analysis and strategy design is what distinguishes "good from great" and "excellence from failure." Jonathan applies his invaluable experience gained over his career as a business attorney to help business leaders prosper during the strategic planning phase of any business. It Is All About the Execution - Even the best-laid plans and opportunities often fail without proper execution, capital, follow-through, leadership and management. Jonathan shares stories and applications from his law and consulting practice to ensure that entrepreneurs do not leave greatness behind for lack of proper execution. Doing and Thinking in the 21st Century - If business leaders are not focused and aware of what makes doing business in the 21st century uniquely different that in years past, they will not likely achieve excellence or gain a competitive advantage in a marketplace. Jonathan adds his experience as an attorney with a futurist slant to enlighten audiences about how doing business today is different and shares what it takes to create a business and culture that thrives in the modern world.

Jonathan Fleece — Motivational Speaker

Jonathan Fleece


"Jonathan Fleece is undoubtedly one of the top global speakers, educators and advisors regarding The New Health Age and transforming businesses, communities and people into better health." - Futurist, David Houle

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