Leadership and Modeling Behavioral Based Safety

Leadership and Modeling Behavioral Based Safety

toothpaste or balloons?

Safety is about teaching people to see. When we enter any new profession or lifestyle change, obstacles can equate to injuries and lost time. As leaders we have the opportunity to enable new employees, as well as the old hands, to see what they would have walked by in a previous setting. It is in the way that we reach people that establishes us as an effective leader. Are we a dictator or a partner in production? We must sell the relationship with each other before we can expect buy in to any safety program. All the scientific advancements in the world will not save a single life if those in our charge don’t believe in us as leaders.

Joe Barnes, MSc, MBA, LP, CSHO — Motivational Speaker

Joe Barnes, MSc, MBA, LP, CSHO

Don't believe 1 can make a difference, sleep with a mosquito

I teach people to see. In a light, quirky, and memorable session leaders learn that how they model leadership is what they can expect in return. We can not call ourselves leaders unless there are those willing to call themselves followers.

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