Lobby For a Hobby

Lobby For a Hobby

Civic Engagment

As a former collegiate regional representative, student advocate, state political field organizer and now government relations professional I will give some timely, accurate and relevant techniques to improve your organization advocacy efforts. These techniques will increase response, engagement and make your approach more sophisticated and impactful. You’ll receive tangible tools that can be applied in real-time so that your organization can immediately use what you learn in this session to create the changes you want to see on your campus and in your community. It is estimated worldwide that more than 60% of strategies are not successfully implemented. For anyone who's tried to execute strategy, this finding should come as no surprise. It's about establishing realistic goals and objectives consistent with your mission, in a defined time frame, within the organization's capacity for implementation. Your attendees will discover... 1. Defining the purpose of the organization, 2. Communicate those goals and objectives to the organization's constituents. 3. Develop a sense of ownership of the plan. 4. Ensure the most effective use is made of the organization's resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities. 5. Provide a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed. 6. Listen to every opinion in order to build consensus about where the organization is going.

Be E.R.N.E.S.T — Motivational Speaker

Be E.R.N.E.S.T

Be Educated Resilient Noble Empowered Strategic & Tenacious

Marine, Activist, Instructor, Recruiter, Representative, Coach, and Father are just some of the titles Ernest wears while helping people to find their success. He is emerging as a catalyst to assist those who desire to become world-altering leaders.

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