Improve the ROI on your Human Assets

Improve the ROI on your Human Assets

60% of people are fully engaged in their work, yet ironically they still want 100% of their pay check. Strategies for getting your full investment.

A third of your people are looking at cat videos when you're not looking. It gets worse than that. About 12% of your employees really have your best interests at heart. How do you get 100% of your people to show up 100%? It starts with getting your assets in order. 360º Life Strategies shares five strategies to get a whole day's work out of your whole team.

Work/Life Strategist, Donna Carlson — Motivational Speaker

Work/Life Strategist, Donna Carlson

Practical work/life strategies with a sense of humor

Organizations struggle to get people to bring 100% to work. Donna helps teams get the most out of their people by helping people design strategies to get the most out of life. She's a work/life strategist with a delightful sense of humor.

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