I'm a Manager - Now What? - Leadership Workshops

I'm a Manager - Now What? - Leadership Workshops

Rewiring Blue Collar Management for Success

Everyone has a story. Bosses, leaders, managers, and supervisors each have a story. How do we know this? People love to talk about their bosses, and when they do, they tell stories... A driving force in management is respect. It may be the highest driving force. People want to be respected for a job-well-done. People want to hear that stories are being told about them that make them look like heroes. How would your managers and supervisors feel if the people they most wanted respect from didn't tell their best story? How would they feel if they knew their parents, spouses, bosses, and children heard that story. Now, imagine what it would look like if they had the tools to change their story? What would your business and department look like if managers had a little edge on everyone else in the industry? We all want to be a supervisor or manager. Until we are one. Moving from labor and into management involves a change–from working with tools and objects to working with people and data. The move requires rewiring the brain and developing a different skill set. This highly customizable workshop is centered around jumpstarting new managers or supervisors and revitalizing or rebooting used managers and supervisors. It gives them the tools to change their story. If you want to help your managers and supervisors change their stories, and by doing so change your story, then please contact me so that we can see whether we're a fit. It's not for everyone, but you may never know if we don't have a conversation. Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon. Bart

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A different kind of toolbox for a different kind of manager!

As the founder of Blue Collar University and author of the book "They're Managers - Now What?" Bart understands the issues that blue collar managers and supervisors and THEIR managers face. From front line to bottom line, he has the tools!

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