Gratitude Creates Peak Performance

Gratitude Creates Peak Performance

Enhancing the Workplace Experience Through Gratitude

I present an enlightening and empowering keynote that gives you the tools & techniques to take charge of your life and attitude at work. My presentation is available either in person or virtually on a Zoom type platform. Whether you are struggling at work, can't manage your time effectively, or need to reframe and refocus your attitude, then this is the presentation that will get you headed in the right direction. By embracing the incredible power of gratitude, and by using simple exercises to break old habits and beliefs, you are able to re-program and re-energize your outlook to an extremely positive mindset. Participants are able to successfully fend off the negative forces that work against us all, and create a very empowering set of healthy coping skills. Employee Benefits from Increased Focus on Gratitude: - More Gratitude = Less Pain = Fewer Days Absent - Being Grateful = Less Stress = Less Mistakes Made - More Gratitude = More Collaboration = More Info Sharing - Being Grateful = Less Turnover = Less Lawsuits = Less Cost Employee Take-Aways: - Better communication with management, co-workers, & families - Higher productivity, improved workload, increased morale - Improved workplace attitude and appreciation for job - Tools/techniques to keep focused on an attitude of gratitude

That Gratitude Guy — Motivational Speaker

That Gratitude Guy

Gratitude Turns What You Have Into Enough

Author of "Six-Word Lessons to Embrace Gratitude" and 950 YouTube videos sharing the amazing power of a gratitude mindset. 25+ years of speaking experience."

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