Demystifying Employee Engagement

Demystifying Employee Engagement

How To Finally Close the Giant Gap Between Strategy and Results

Engagement relates directly to the level of ownership, accountability and responsibility that a person takes towards performing certain work expectations and obligations. Lower engaged workforces exhibit declining morale, weaker motivation, decreased capacity for decision-making, and ultimately a lower commitment to personal health and wellbeing. According to the Gallup Organization, a mere 30 percent of US workers are actively engaged in their jobs, and 70 percent are at some level of disengagement, costing businesses an astounding $550 billion per year in underperformance. In that same study, 87% of executive leadership surveyed feel engagement is very important BUT less than 25% have a plan in place to improve it. Many leaders either ignore or simply have no idea how to address this significant organizational challenge. The good news? There’s a way forward that works. It’s time to move from inspiration to reality. Join us as we unpack specific steps you can take now to build high-performing cultures where strong execution, high employee engagement, and talent retention are the norm.

Todd Garretson — Motivational Speaker

Todd Garretson

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